Founded in mid-2015, Music & Money was established with 2 primary goals in mind, quality and value. Music & Money’s foundation was established by Colorado recording artist Elite by constructing a professional quality studio that rivaled against the major locations to record. Music & Money will embed their music in the industry and create a brand that is not only recognizable, but also enjoyed.

Dark Places (Runnin’) | Esu The Illest

Esu The Illest

Limitless X Forever

Official Music Video. Directed by Flawless Music Videos.

The Odyssey of Esu

Esu The Illest
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Lost in the Moment


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  1. Super Villain Music & Money 6:14
  2. The Odyessy of Esu Esu The Illest 3:08
  3. In Due Time Esu The Illest 3:04
  4. GTFOH Elite ft. Esu The Illest 3:15
  5. Limitless X Forever Esu The Illest 3:46
  6. No Worries Elite 2:36
  7. Heartless Esu The Illest 4:12
  8. On My Own Elite 4:36
  9. Monsters Esu The Illest 1:56
  10. Lost In The Moment Elite 3:19
  11. Rain Rain Go Away Esu The Illest 2:37
  12. Radioactive Esu The Illest 4:15
  13. I Just Wanna Know Elite 2:49
  14. Dark Places Esu The Illest 4:07
  15. Down Elite 3:53
  16. These Changes Esu The Illest ft Ben 3:58
  17. A Better Man Elite 3:00
  18. When The Thrill Is Gone Esu The Illest 2:40
  19. Elite Elite 1:22
  20. Sunsets and Nightfalls Esu The Illest 3:38
  21. Slaveships Esu The Illest 4:30
  22. Mad Man Esu The Illest 3:00
  23. Nothin Elite 2:53
  24. Boomerz Esu The Illest 1:33

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